Google Passwords

Setting up Your Password
  • Sign In - Go to “” 
    • If you already have a non-Silverdale Google account, click on your icon, then click “Add Account
    • This will bring you to the sign in page
    • Your Email - the last two numbers of your graduating year, your first initial, and your last name, followed by “”
      • Example - if your name is Daryl Dixon, your graduating year is 2020, your sbaconnect email would be “
      • Your Password - will be "SeahawksXX" (with a capital S) followed by the last two numbers of the year, if the year is 2016 the password would be “Seahawks16”
        • If you are a returning student with an account that was created before 2014 and have never changed your password, your password will be “seahawks12” (with a lowercase "s")
      Changing Your Password - All students are REQUIRED to change their password once they have created their account 
      • To change your password, go to the main Google page and click your email in the upper right hand corner and click “My Account” in the pop up window
        • Click on "Signing into Google" under the "Sign in and Security" tab
        • Click on "Password" under "Password and Sign-In Method
        • Type in your current password and then type in your new password, you can make it whatever you like, Google will tell you how strong it is
        • If it is too easy to guess, Google won’t let you change it, if this happens add numbers or capital letters to make it stronger. 
        • Once your password has at least a “Fair” rating, just click “Change Password” and you’ve got yourself a new password
        • If you ever forget your password go see Chris Lusardo or David Barber in their offices