User Accounts

User Accounts (aka Active Directory)

This account is necessary to log in to: 
  • SBA computers (libraries and computer labs)
  • Access to WiFi network (SSID - SBA)
  • Access to certain web sites (use these credentials if prompted for a Barracuda login)

Typical Configuration  
  • Username - Graduating Year, first initial then last name 
    • Example: John Smith in the Class of 2021 would be 21JSmith
  • Password - Initially set as "Seahawks15" but should immediately be changed by the student

How to Change Your Password

Change your computer password from the default password IMMEDIATELY, these are the steps that you will need to take:
  1. Log into a school computer (in the Library or Upper School Computer Lab)
  2. Open up System Preferences (the grey gear box)
  3. Click on the Users & Groups icon (2 people)
  4. Click "Change Password"
  5. Type the old password, then type the new password in the next two boxes (in the 4th box you can type a hint)
  6. Click "Change Password" and you should be good to go!

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