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Day Of Testing

Below you will find instructions for launching the ACT Aspire TestNAV (vehicle used to take the ACT Aspire tests) using both Desktop/Laptop (PC or Mac) or an iPad (iOS 9.3+).

How to Start Your Test Session (For Teachers)

  • Open your Dashboard - log in to
  • Click Interm Tests
  • Click Find My Test Session
  • Make sure “Not Started” is in blue.  If not, click it to show your test sessions that have not been started yet.
    • Click on the test session that corresponds to your class period you are about to test
    • Make sure that all of your student names for that class period are showing.  
    • These passwords and usernames should match the printed tickets you have.
  • Click Ready
  • Click Start Test
    • *This must be done BEFORE students log in to TestNAV.  It will give you an error message.

iPads - TestNAV App from the App Store
  - Note - the iPad Mini is not supported for testing
  • Close all applications (double push the Home button and swipe up on each app)
  • Guided Access Mode
    • Tap "Settings" icon (grey gear)
    • Tap "General"
    • Tap "Accessibility"
    • Scroll to the bottom and Tap "Guided Access"
      • Move switch to "On" (green in color)
      • Tap "Passcode Settings"
      • Tap "Set Guided Access Passcode"
      • Enter a 4 digit passcode (use "1111") twice
    • Press the Home button to close Settings
  • Open TestNAV in Guided Access Mode
    • Tap TestNAV App and wait about 15 seconds for Sign In Screen
    • Press the Home button 3 times quickly
    • Tap "Start" if prompted
  • Sign in 
    • Sign In (credentials on your test ticket from your teacher)
      • Username - from your test ticket
      • Password - from your test ticket
    • Read Directions BEFORE you hit "Start Test Now"
    • Tap "Start Test Now" - when your teacher prompts you
    • Take your test
  • End Guided Access
    • Press the Home button 3 times quickly
    • Enter your passcode (i.e. "1111")
    • Tap "End" if prompted
  • Memory errors - try closing all apps and restart the device
  • Login Issues (error 9058) - Please see your teacher or Mrs. Parker

Desktop/Laptop - Browser using URL
  • Close all applications
  • Be sure that you already have Java installed on your laptop
  • Open a web browser (Windows Explorer, FireFox or Safari)
  • Browse to and Sign In with your test credentials
    • Username
    • Password
  • Click "Start Test Now"
  • Click "Start Session'
  • Take your test