Canvas - Students
 is a Learning Management System (LMS) established at SBA to support all your classes on a common online platform for of your classes regardless of the school's operational phase (GreenYellowOrange or Red).

User = Computer/WiFi login name (i.e. 21sjobs or 24bgates)
Password = Computer/WiFi password

What is Canvas?
  • Online Environment - It is a lot like Seesaw and/or Google Classroom only with way more tools and options.
  • Coursework - All assignments, grades, links, course materials, video conferencing info, etc. will all be available to you here 24/7
  • Course Calendar - all assignments and their due dates will be listed for you on 1 calendar!
How do I access Canvas?

What is my Username?
  • Username = Graduating Year, first initial then last name 
    • Example: John Smith Class of 2021 = 21JSmith
  • Preschool = ps.jsmith (default password = Student ID number)
    • Default Password = Student ID
  • K-12 = 21JSmith
    • K-6th - Default Password = Student ID
    • 7th-12th - same as your WiFi password
Parent Access
  • Parent Access is called an Observer.  They are linked to your account automatically but will need to log in with their own credentials.