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Scholarships are gifts. They don't need to be repaid. There are thousands of them, offered by schools, employers, individuals, private companies, nonprofits, communities, religious groups, and professional and social organizations. Start looking now for scholarship opportunities! Look at the companies that employ student's parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. Also, most colleges and universities offer institutional scholarships for ACT and G.P.A, so when looking for schools this needs to be a question for students to ask. Before you begin your search read the info below to know how to spot a scholarship scam! Check out the links below to start your scholarship search!

10 Scam Warning Signs(info compiled from Fastweb)

Several of these red flags could be an indication that you are dealing with a scholarship scam:

  1. Fees: Scholarships should not require any fees. If a program uses terms such as “application,””disbursement,”redemption,”and/or “processing fees”, be wary. This is a method used by scammers to take your money.

  2. Credit card or bank account information needed: Never give credit card or bank account info to receive aid. If you have, call your bank or credit car issuer immediately.

  3. Scholarship guarantee: No one controls judges’ decisions. Be wary of “high success rates”, which often refer to award matches, not award winners.

  4. No work involved: Legitimate scholarship applications require time. No one should complete them for you.

  5. No contact information: Before you apply, confirm the sponsor’s contact info. They should supply a valid e-mail, mailing address and phone number upon request.

  6. Pressure tactics: Never allow yourself to be pressured into applying for a scholarship, especially if the sponsor is asking you to pay money up front.

  7. Unsolicited Scholarships: If you are called to receive an award for which you never applied, be alert. Ask where the sponsor got your contact information.

  8. Claims of “exclusive” scholarships: Legitimate sponsors will not restrict knowledge about their award to a singe service.

  9. An official-sounding name or endorsement does not automatically mean legitimacy: A sponsor may use words like “national”, “education” or “federal” or have an official-looking seal, but might still be a scammer. For example: will charge you for the completion of your FAFSA. The correct website is It is the Free Application for Student Aid. Thousands of parents have been “scammed by this website!

  10. Your questions are not answered directly: Be cautious if you do not get straight answers to your questions concerning what will be done with your information and the application process.

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Check out the following links for more scholarship search opportunities!

US Department of Labor - Scholarship Search

Search more than 7,500 scholarships, fellowships, grants, and other financial aid award opportunities. You can:

Look through the whole list of scholarships below, arranged in order of closest deadline

Narrow your list with "Search by keyword." Enter a keyword about the type of award you're looking for

Use the filters to see only awards for certain award types, locations, level of study, and more

FinAid - Scholarships

Established in the fall of 1994 as a public service, FinAid provides a wealth of knowledge about the financial aid process. It provides links to scholarship searches, tutorials on loans and hints on how to save for college.

This site also offers information on how to apply for financial aid, and covers other types of aid available.

Fast Web

FinAid - Websearch for Scholarships will help you search, find & apply for scholarships, grants and financial aid that match you. Also search for colleges & discover your best fit, then get recruited. Find scholarships & colleges offering you even more financial aid options. Don't wait. Start searching now.

The fastest way to FREE college money

Federal Trade Commission - Scholarship Scams

TN Achieves

TN Achieves is the partnering organization for The TN Promise Scholarship. TN Achieves will oversee the mentoring and volunteer service component of the TN Promise Program.

TN Promise

Seniors may apply for the Tennessee Promise scholarship, which will provide two years of tuition-free attendance at a community or technical college in Tennessee.

Quest Bridge

Quest Scholars are academically strong, low-income students who were successful QuestBridge applicants and now attend our partner colleges. Typically, they are in the top 10% of their high school class, come from households earning less than $60,000 annually for a typical family of four, and may be on their school's free or reduced price lunch program.