Service Learning Hours

SBA Service Learning Hours

What is Service Learning? Service-learning allows SBA students to follow a biblical mandate to serve others and their local community. Building on the foundational lessons he or she has learned at home and at school, your son or daughter will experience firsthand the deeply rewarding, far-reaching benefits of serving others. We encourage students to pray about how God would have them serve and who or what He has given them a heart for as they become the hands and feet of Christ in their community.

Student Responsibility - Students should track all service hours through Family Connection in Naviance. It is important to add these hours each year in order for accuracy and accountability. Many students wait until senior year and are rushing to locate hours and update before graduation.

During your 11th grade year, we will begin walking you through the process of creating your High School Resume, which will showcase your Community Service Hours. This resume will serve as a tool in the college and scholarship application process. Also, the resume and service hours will serve as a tool for students to pursue job-shadowing, internships, and other opportunities.

By spring of your 12th grade year, you will need to have your service hours entered in Naviance. This allows you to receive .5 credits on your high school transcript as "Service Learning."

Entering Service Hours in Naviance

Login -

-Click "About Me"

-Click "Resume"

-Click the drop down menu beside "Add a New Entry" and choose "Volunteer Service"

-Complete the boxes and click "Add to Resume"

*Please make sure to enter the service provided and organization you participated with as well as the total number of hours worked and grades you participated in this specific service.

Service Opportunities

-Login -

-Check out "places to volunteer" on the left hand side under "pages"

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