Google Passwords

Setting up Your Password

  • Sign In - Go to “

    • If you already have a non-Silverdale Google account, click on your icon, then click “Add Account

    • This will bring you to the sign in page

  • Your Email Address - the last two numbers of your graduating year, your first initial, and your last name, followed by “”

    • Example - if your name is John Smith, your graduating year is 2023, your silverdaleba email would be “”

    • Your Password - Initially set as Seahawks1! (for all new MS and HS students), but should immediately be changed by the student

Changing Your Password - All students are REQUIRED to change their password once they have created their account

    • This password is the password for your Gmail, Drive, Sites, and all other Google accounts.

      • If you know your current Password:

        • Sign in to your account

        • Click on your email address that is in the upper right corner

        • Click on “Account

        • Click the second tab at the top, “Security

        • Click “Change Password

        • Enter your current password

        • Enter your NEW password--twice for verification, following the guidelines in the SBA Password Policy (Remember, once you change your password, you cannot go back to your old one).

        • Save changes

If you have forgotten your password, or it will not work

    • The SBA Technology Department are the ONLY ONES who can reset email passwords

    • Use the “Can’t access your account?” link and the "I don't know my password" option, which will direct you to a page with up to three recovery options:

      • Get a verification code sent to your mobile device.

      • Request a password reset email to be sent to your recovery account.

      • Answer your security question and perform an on-line password reset.

      • Proceed to the Account Recovery Form. Look for a "Verify your identity" link if the other options don't work.

NOTE: If you change your email password in one computer or device, you will have to change the password in any other device that automatically logs you in, such as an iPad.

  • If you ever forget your password go see

    • Chris Lusardo (Room 240C)

    • David Barber or Logan Melton (Room 24)