Student Gmail

Gmail allows them to send and receive emails from teachers and other students.

Accessing Gmail on a Desktop

    • Open a Browser: Gmail can only be accessed through a browser (Google Chrome or Firefox). SBA does not support programs like Outlook or MacMail to access your Gmail account.

    • URL - or

  • Log in to your Account - click the Mail link in the upper right hand corner of the Google homepage

    • If you don't know your account credentials, please see your teacher or contact the I.T. department.

      • If you already have a Gmail account, click on your icon in the upper right hand corner and click “Add Account” in the pop up window, then log into your account.

  • Once you're logged in, you can see all of your incoming mail in one place

  • To view an email, just click on it

  • To create an email - click on the “Compose” button in the left sidebar, type in your recipient's email, add a subject, insert your message, then click “SendNote: If you need to know what a certain button does, hover over it and it will tell you

Accessing Gmail on an iPad

On your iPad, you have several apps that you could use to access your Gmail account

  • Gmail App - is specifically created for Gmail accounts, this app has an advantage in that you can attach files directly from Google Drive

    • Simple to set up, simply log into your Google Account in the app to see all of your email

  • Apple iOS Native App - Apple’s default Mail app

    • First Time? - If you have never opened the app, it will immediately show you the beginning of the set-up process

    • Multiple Accounts - If you already have a different email connected to the app, go to the “Settings” app (which should be located somewhere on your homepage), tap on “Mail” in the left side bar, then tap “Add Account.”

        • Tap on the Gmail/Google logo

        • Type your name, email, and password. If you want, you can change the description to something like “School Email” or “Silverdaleba"

        • It will ask you what you want to have synced to that account, click “Save

        • You should now be connected to your account

    • Now that your account is set up you can see all your emails on the left hand side in the “Inbox.” If you click on one, they will be displayed on the right.

  • Dealing with Email - In the top right hand corner there are several buttons that allow you to handle your mail

    • Flag Button - will flag an email as spam

    • Folder button will let you move an email to a different place (NOTE: the best way to delete emails is by moving emails into the “Trash” bin with this button)

      • Next is the archive button, which will move your emails out of sight, but makes it possible to search for them later

      • The reply button will let you reply to the sender of a particular email

      • The last button is the “Compose” button. If you want to send an email, tap on this button, type in the recipient of you email, add a subject, insert your message and tap “Send.”

      • Note: To select multiple emails at once, click the “Edit” button at the top of the Inbox sidebar, click on the emails you want, then chose what you want to do with them and the bottom of the sidebar.

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