Backing Up Your iPad

THIS IS A CRITICAL HABIT!! - We recommend that EVERY student back up their iPad to a computer with iTunes EVERY WEEK (pick a day - Sunday works well).

We suggest you use iTunes to back up and restore your content on your iPad. Note that iTunes and iOS do not support installing backups of newer versions of iOS onto devices using earlier versions of iOS. Apple knowledge base article

Back up

To back up the content on your iOS device, follow these steps:

  1. Connect your iOS device to your computer.

  2. Click the iPad or iPhone icon to the right of the drop down menu (as highlighted in blue in the image below).

  3. Click on "This Computer" located inside the "Backups" section

  4. Click on "Back Up Now" to the right

  5. This process may take up to 30 minutes (depends on the size of data being backed up)

  6. Once complete, "Latest Backup:" should show the current time and date as "Today"

  1. Sync by clicking "File -> Devices - Sync"

      • If asked, authorize this computer with your iTunes Store Account (Apple ID)

    • Default sync settings will sync music, video, pictures, etc. For additional syncing information Click Here

      • When you use iTunes to sync, backing up is the first step.

IMPORTANT! A full backup is seen as completing BOTH the backup routine AND a sync (including the authorization with iTunes and apps).

iCloud Backup is also an option. Purchasing monthly storage ($0.99 for 50GB/Mo) may be necessary. Note: iCloud will only backup automatically when connected to a Wi-Fi network AND connected to a power source.