After Graduation or Withdrawal

What Happens to Your Silverdale email Account After leaving SBA?

  • Google Accounts are made available to students during their time here for school purposes only


  • After graduation, students have until early fall to transfer data from their Silverdale accounts to another email account. Silverdale email accounts will be disabled and subsequently terminated unless you have a special need approved by SBA Administration to keep your account active.

  • If you withdraw from SBA prior to graduation, your Silverdale email account will be available for two weeks after withdrawal under normal circumstances.

  • YOUR SILVERDALEBA.ORG ACCOUNT WILL BE DELETED AND ANY FILES STORED ON GOOGLE DRIVE WILL BE LOST. However, there is an easy way to transfer the files to your personal computer.

What YOU need to do as you leave SBA

It is highly recommended that students leaving SBA perform the following email and account transfers (if applicable) as soon as practical while you still have access to your SBA account and helpful “how to” BITS resources in the SBA student portal.

    • Transfer email and Google Drive data to a new account using Google Takeout

    • Transfer contact list within the Contacts App by downloading a .csv file that can be uploaded to another email account

    • Share Google Photos with a new account by using the “Partner” creation popup tool available in the share function in the menu

Downloading Your Files Through Google Takeout

  • Go to

  • Make sure you are logged into your email account on a desktop computer.

  • Select the Google Products where your desired files that you would like to download are located (i.e. Google Drive, Youtube, Contacts, etc.).

  • Select File type. The .zip file is recommended, it is a condensed file that takes up less space.

  • Click Next, and wait for it to gather all your files, this might take a while.

  • Once it is finished, it will send you an email with links to download your archived files in parts. Click to download.

  • Once it is downloaded, you will notice that the file is zipped so that you can't immediately see your files, double click to unzip.

  • You will now be able to see and edit all your files on your personal desktop, where they are safe from the clutches of the SBA IT Department.

Saving Your Google Photos to a new account by “inviting” the new account to be a “Partner” account as follows:

    1. Sign in to the account from which Google Photos is to be transferred

    2. In the Apps list or Apps launcher (9 dot matrix, upper right of Google page), choose Photos Icon

    3. Click on Sharing in the left margin menu

    4. See the new box that appears, “Add Partner Account

    5. Click Get Started

    6. A new action box will appear; click Get Started

    7. Type in the email address of the account to receive the partner invitation in the “To” field

    8. Click Next

    9. Confirm that the “Photos since this day” is toggled OFF

    10. Click Next

    11. The “Confirm” box should say: “Share with <new email address>”, and with a check (✔) next to “All of your photos”

    12. Click Send Invitation

Receiving the Partner invitation

    1. In the “new” Google account, the invitation to be a Google Photos partner will be a flag in the Share icon (in the left margin menu) in the new account’s Google Photos app. (It will NOT be an invitation via email)

    2. Click on the message to “See these photos along with your own”

    3. In the Option Box, click the choice to “Save all photos.” This will create duplicates in your new Google Photos main folder which will not be deleted if photos are deleted from the older account. (If photos are deleted or eliminated in the original account they will also be deleted within the “share” option in the left menu on the new account, but saved copies will not be deleted in your new main folder)

    4. Click Done

    5. You will be given the option to share Google Photos from the new account back to the original account. There is no reason to do this--Click the X in the upper right corner of this box.