Updating iOS

Below are the instructions for upgrading an iPad to the latest Operating System. Please follow all the steps and be sure to Back Up your iPad before proceeding.

Step 1 - Back up your iPad using iTunes

    1. Make sure your computer has the latest version of iTunes.

    2. Connect your iOS device to your computer.

    3. Choose File > Devices > Back up.

Note: If you're using iTunes 10.7 or earlier, right-click the device from the list and choose Backup Now.

Step 2 - Upgrade to latest iOS

Option 1 - iTunes

    1. Open iTunes (If not already installed on a PC, click the link for the installer)

      1. http://www.apple.com/itunes/download/

    2. Plug in iOS device into an open USB port on your computer or laptop.

    3. In the upper left hand corner of the window, a silhouette of the device will appear

      1. (Click on the icon if it does not come up automatically)

    1. On the next window is the iOS devices configuration settings

      1. (This is where you can backup your device and update it)

      2. In the upper middle of the window it will tell you what iOS version you are currently on. (8.4, 9.1, etc)

      3. (See Below) Mine says that I have a newer version of iPad software available.

      1. Click Update

    1. iTunes will prompt you to accept the new terms of the software and will then download the software

  1. Once the iPad restarts and your lock screen appears, you will be updated and iTunes should show that you are on the new software.

Option 2 - Wireless

    1. Open Settings (Gray Gear Box)

    2. On the left side: Go to General

    3. On the right side: Go to Software Update

    4. On this screen it will say one of the following:

      1. Install Now

      2. Download and Install

      3. Manage Storage (You do not have enough free space to do the update wirelessly.

    5. Make sure the device is plugged in and run the update

      1. Your device will restart at least once

    1. Once your lock screen comes back on the update is complete